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My Wife is the reason I Will Never Leave The Bar

Why women need to start acting as wives not slay queens


                                                                                                                                          By Elishifa Wangeshi

Logging in to one  very popular  Facebook  page I have noted that  you will never miss a post of a lady complaining about her cheating Husband, the only thing that differs is how she found out  the husband was  cheating.

On the other hand I do not support  cheating in a marriages /relationships.  But during one of my hangouts Friday I  realised  there is one guy in our ‘’squad’’ who never shows signs of leaving the club be it a Monday,Sunday or a Friday  and so many questions lingered on my mind? Is it that he doesnt like his home? Doesn’t he miss his kids?  Doesn’t he miss his wife ? and so many more.

I asked a couple of guys why they preferred spending more time kwa bar as compared to being  home .

Person 1

‘’For the last 4  years I have been married to this woman,no single day have I got home from work and she asked me how my day was,Instead she is always nagging ,She has a list of issues I have not done. She makes me feel more overwhelmed than  I  Already  was  when I left the office.’’


Person 2

‘’I was once a family man,always home by 6pm . My wife knew ,I  do not eat red meat and cabbage. Everyday for 2 months I  would get home I would find our house-help has prepared the same and my wife would act surprised and fix noodles, yes! Noodles and eggs  for a grown ass man like myself . When I  raised the issue she threw tantrums in front of our kids and to avoid this confrontation i found solace kwa Counter’’


Person 3

‘’I love my family, more than life itself. The reason  I find myself  spending more time at the local is my wife’s extended family . There is no free weekend in my house ,either the cousin ,sister,friend is home and it makes me uncomfortable ‘’

Women,  before  putting the blame on him,could it be you pushed him away?