In summary
•Stivo Simple Boy reveals that his wife will be part of his management team after fallout with former manager,Vaga
•Comedians, Eric Omondi and Mulamwah offer him a helping hand
•Pleads for support

Kibra bred rapper,Stivo Simple Boy has hinted on his wife being part of his management team after fallout with former manager,Vaga.

While acknowledging this,Stivo Simple Boy maintained that he would lead from the front together with his wife,three friends and Kenyans at large.

“Sahii mi nimeamua kukua manager kivyangu nikiwa na mke wangu na marafiki zangu watatu na Wakenya Kenya nzima pia” He stated.

Stivo might have decided to rely on his wife’s support after she articulated Stivo Simple Boy’s stumbling blocks and his character to the amazement of netizens.

Eric Omondi, Mulamwah Offer Helping Hand

Following the revelation that Stivo Simple Boy was leading a dogs life, Comedian’s, Eric Omondi and Mulamwah have offered a helping hand to the,Tuheshimu ndoa rapper.

The self proclaimed president of comedians in Africa not only handed Stivo Simple and his wife shopping but also promised to come back in a big way in the coming days.

“Kuna ka shopping hapa…kuna kitu napanga kufanyia Stivo Simple Boy wenye macho watajionea wenye masikio watasikia” Uttered Eric

On his side,Mulamwah offered the couple a few thousands while pledging to offer a wise counsel in future.

Mulamwah further added that he wasn’t interested in signing Stivo Simple Boy but rather in seeing his growth.

The funnyman also disclosed managing self

“Sisi tuko ready kukusaidia mimi si ata ati nataka kusign Stivo Simple Boy hapana,mimi nataka Stivo ajue hii inafanywa hivi,hii inafanywa hivi,mimi sina manager mimi mwenyewe” stated Mulamwah

Mulamwah also took his time to lash out at Stivo’s former manager’s for lack of accountability and mismanagement.

He reminded Stivo not to fear from beginning afresh noting that the latter is talented and Kenyans were ready to walk with him.

From when he bumped into the mainstream world with the song,Mihadarati Stivo Simple Boy has been on an upward trajectory.

He has also courted controversy not only with his former girlfriend Pritty Vishy but also his former management team.

Stivo Simple Boy’s last song was,Makasisi done a month ago.

With 138k subscribers on YouTube,Stivo Simple Boy’s last song,Makasisi has amassed 131k views and still counting.

A look at his Instagram account shows he has 57.2k followers.

Both accounts are now said to be in the hands of his former management team,Mib Africa.

By Steve Osaka.

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