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Mylee Staicey to sue ex-boyfriend Weezdom over cyber-bullying


The recent drama following the breakup between Musician Weezdom and Mylee Staicey has taken a different twist with Mylee moving to court.

Weezdom had insulted Staicey in public terming her as a cheap person who had a lot of relationship outside theirs.

Staicey said that she was fed up of ignoring the lies spread by his ex and being the topic of discussion in blogs.

She said that she has chosen to deal with the issue legally because of the impact it is bringing to her as a brand.

“A lot has been said & written about me in regards to my previous relationship. Every week there is a new story about #MyleeStaicey & as always I choose to ignore but it’s now gotten to a point whereby it’s TOO MUCH!!!It’s affecting my Family,my Brand,my Relationship,my Social life & my Mentalhealth.With all said & written I choose to handle this the legal way coz honestly at this point it’s beyond me!!! Public Figure and a Role model to many,all in the name of chasing clout🤦🏽‍♀️You are wise &&imagine you dont have to ride on my name to trend,” Mylee wrote.


She continued to say that Weezdom has not accepted the fact that she has moved on hence threatening her.

“I have seen public figures break up but I have never seen anything of this sort🤦🏽‍♀️According to #Weezdom’s statement it’s all lies,ever since I posted that I don’t want to be associated with him Iiv been getting Insults/Vulgar texts & threats from him,in the name of he knows someone who can hack my IG account & I can’t do anything about it because “he made me”☹️
I don’t understand why he decided to post such negativity about me,having in mind that i am a I have moved on with my life and to be honest am happy & at peace:),” she added.

Mylee went ahead and shared screenshots of their conversation exposing their secret conversations.