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Mysterious banners of an alleged expose on CJ Maraga erected on Highways


Kenyans on Friday woke up to a series of mysterious banners involving Chief Justice David Maraga erected on the Thika Road Super highway and other major roads in the city.

The banners which bear the images of Chief Justice Maraga, Justices Eric Ogola, Francis Tuiyoti and Weldon Korir also had a message of an alleged expose on the Chief Justice.

“Who is Maraga protecting, coming soon to a channel near you.” Read the message

Earlier this week, CJ Maraga called out the Executive over what he termed as disobedience of court orders by the government.

The Chief Justice blamed President Uhuru Kenyatta for the delay in appointing of 41 new judges proposed by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC). He also said the President has continuously disobeyed court decrees.

Speaking in a media briefing on Monday, Maraga expressed disappointment arguing that he has unsuccessfully attempted to bring the issue of the appointment of new judges to the attention of the head of state.

He said the President had disregarded two court orders and was in violation of the Constitution by refusing to appoint the 41 judges recommended by JSC.

“It is important to clearly and categorically state that this shortage of judges and the near paralysis of court operations has been caused by the President. The President has persisted in his refusal despite orders in two cases requiring him to swear in those judges within 14 days,” said the Chief Justice.