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Mystery As Woman Dies After ‘Sponsor’ Threatens Her On Facebook


What started out as Online drama and fodder for gossip in the Famous Kisumu dads and Kilimani mums face book groups might now be the reason why a woman is lying in the morgue dead. Elva Olunga a wife and mother of three kids was involved in a series of scandals three months ago and different parties took to different face book pages to expose her.

In buyers beware face book page,  she was accused of being a con by a  group of women who claimed to be in the same Chama where Elva acted as the treasurer of their Chama group only for her to disappear with their shs.600,000. This was the genesis of a messy exchange in the groups where he’s supposed rich sponsor came out to defend her lover claiming that 600,000 was very little money and he could pay them as he was not a poor guy.

The old man known as John Omija and Elva Olunga fell out as some point after her husband found out about the affair and confronted him on Kisumu dads asking him to leave the wife alone. This spun out into an ugly online battle with John breaking into a bitter and abusive streak posting photos of him and the 27year old Elva as evidence he was sleeping with her and sponsoring her luxurious lifestyle despite her being married.

He went on to reveal that the lady had had several miscarriages and mocked her for losing the pregnancies. Naturally their drama attracted a lot of attention and the two got a backlash from all online corners. Seemingly, Elva couldn’t take any more of the internet trolling and so she deactivated her accounts hoping to now enjoy some peace and quiet away from all the drama and it seemed to have worked until the news of her death broke the Internet a few days ago.

Unconfirmed reports from her friends claim that the 27year old sunk into depression after the husband took the kids and left her. They also claim that the cyber bullying took a toll on her. What has the masses unsettled however is the fact that in one of his rants, John Omija posted a coffin and spoke of Elva’s death for breaking up with him.