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  • Mzing Anonymous is using lyricism in fighting crime.
  • He has a mixtape dubbed ‘Turhyme Tuwache Crime’ which delves into crime and it’s effects to the society.
  • The proceeds from his music is channeled towards charitable activities.

Meet Mzing Anonymous formerly Punchline Assasin born Felix Mulinge from Machakos County who’s  using lyricism to fight crime.

The gifted rapper has been in the music industry since 2015 as an underground star.

His music is characterized by witty lines, double entendres, punchlines and lyrics laced with sarcasm that paint a vivid picture of what happens in the society.

Mzing Anonymous with Rapper Ndovu Kuu(centre) and Mzing’s Manager Ian Mulla PHOTO Courtesy


Turhyme Tuwache Crime Mixtape

Mzing anonymous took a hiatus to concentrate on studies which saw him being certified in flying light aircrafts.

However, in 2022 he bounced back big with his mixtape ‘Turhyme Tuwache Crime’ which  advocates  the youth to shun criminal activities.

The soft spoken rapper saw it fit to use his talent in addressing social ills bedeviling the society.

This was after the rapper noted a surge in numbers of youths involved in crime with some serving jail time while others already felled by the police.

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Salient topics that he has delved in are crime, drug abuse, online scam, delinquency, unemployment among others.

The mixtape comprises of 7 songs with ‘Subaru’ a collaborative effort with Pantha being one of the best performing songs.

Apart from using music as a tool to communicate to the youth, he also runs a social media campaign with the hashtag #Tuwache Crime.

He rebranded earlier this year with his main focus in advocating for a crime free society.

In his song, Faya he raps “Walipigwa risasi lakini si wezi, kusell my soul ni kitu siwezi” touching on extra judicial killings occurring in Kenya.

Mzing anonymous further delves on the challenges by citizens in offering information to the police about crime.

“Asiye funzwa na wazazi atafunzwa na mimi, snitch mtaani alikatwa ulimi” he raps partly.

In the same song, he notes the high number of youths involved in criminal activities.

“Vijana mtaani wamekuwa thugs, vijana mtaani wanauza drugs, Mablunder mablunder kama rookie juzi wameshikwa wakiuza weed cookie” goes part of the lyrics.

A group of youths during a ‘Turhyme Tuwache Crime’ Innitiative PHOTO Courtesy


Charitable Activities

Surprisingly, all the proceeds from his music are channeled towards charitable activities.

He has held seminars and workshops to empower the unemployed while sponsoring some to acquire life skills in generating income.

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He also uses football clinics to bring them together in addressing societal challenges.

While summing up the interview, he implored on Kenyans of goodwill to support in creating a safe society for everyone.

For interactions, bookings and business find him on You Tube ‘Mzing Anonymous’, Tik Tok ‘Mzing Anonymous’ and Instagram ‘Mzing Anonymous’.



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    Keep up with the excellent work you’re doing for the youth Captain Mulinge!

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