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Nadia Mukami Announces Pregnancy, Reveals Why She Hid It


Kenyan Pop Star Nadia Mukami has finally revealed that she is pregnant with boyfriend Arrow Boy’s child.

She has however denied claims that she was hiding it stating that she wanted to be ready mentally before sharing the news that she was pregnant with her fans.

The two musicians are expecting a child together after losing a child last year.

She also claimed that she had medical issues and wanted to be sure that everything was okay before going public with the announcement.

For me I had anaemia. That is the major thing, nilikuwa nashindwa kukula, nimelala hosi mara kadhaa. For me the reason why I did not want to say it is that I wanted to be okay for me to be able to tell people or the world you know what I am expecting my bundle of joy unlike how people walikuwa wanafeel naficha mimba. Hakuna kuficha mimba it is very personal you just have to wait before you talk about it,” Nadia said.

Nadia’d pregnancy revelation comes just a few weeks after her push and pull with comedian Jalang’o over her pregnancy.


Jalang’o had insisted that Nadia was pregnant a revelation that did not go well with the singer who severally insisted that she was not pregnant and had actually had a miscarriage.

Meanwhile the artist has female musicians to have a plan after getting pregnant so that they can be able to balance between motherhood and music.

It is more about planning, checking your strategies and rebranding because responsibilities change from being a lady to woman. One thing I always tell people is keep your mental health in check. I am protecting my peace because if I am a musician I am also human. The problem we have is that we always want to choose one thing over the other but as for me I know I can balance,” she added.

Talking about her foundation, the musician said that the foundation was named after their lost baby that it will be helping young mothers.

Lola and safari foundation is here to mentor the young girls. I have passed through the journey twice and imagine losing a child, you are not stable mentally. Lola and safari is from the kid we were supposed to have me and Arrow Bwoy, we were supposed to name the kid that way so it is very dear to us. Lola is the Feminine part while safari is the Masculine part,” Nadia explained.