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Nadia Mukami mistreated at Valentines day concert


Songstress Nadia Mukami has opened up on how she was mistreated at the Jamboree concert that went down at Uhuru Gardens on Valentines day.

Nadia took to social media to narrate how her crew was mishandled at the event that was headlined by international star Kizz Daniel.

According to the singer, the organisers had not properly planned on where to set them up resulting to a lot of back and forth.

First of all, I wanna say thank you for making me part of this that means you see the work we put it but allow me to point out some challenges we experienced tonight before I set my feet on stage. This is just a sober and mature realization, I mean we all disagree to agree,First of all when we got to the venue with my whole team, the bookings manager, as usual, went to check in with the security team I was left in the car with my dancers, official DJ, Videographer and the Content Manager. We then realised there was a commotion and I told the Content manager to go check,Later, the content manager asked for my security to be taken to my tent at the backstage and one of the guys was really rude and very hesitant.After a couple struggles one of few good security guys who is a fan agreed to take me to a tent only to be told when we got there; ‘Hii tent ni ya msanii X (allow me to reserve the name) na ile next ni ya International artists. You and your Content Manager kaeni hapa tutawapeleka kwa tent ya ‘LOCAL ARTISTS’ ( Kenyan artists) hapo kwa VVIP. That really hit me and the Content Manager told the security guy: Hatuendi mahali then he instructed me nisisonge!” she said

The singer went on to narrate how after her performance she came back to find all her belonging had been moved to a different location.

We later got on stage (personally my energy levels were already low plus my team was just bored and feeling like we are just nobodies in our own country! We got on stage and killed it as usual. Coming back from stage, our sweaters and jumpers had already been moved to the ‘local artist’s tent’, and our drinks; I mean we need water after the performance, was nowhere to be seen! am not against any ‘international artist’ having high-end care but please let the treatment be fair also to us ‘Local artists’ We work very hard to represent our fans and our country and I would request we get a little bit of respect. Just humble feedback and suggestion!” she added