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Nadia Mukami Opens Up On Miscarriage As She Blasts Jalang’o

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Singer Nadia Mukami has revealed that she had a miscarriage just days after comedian Jalang’o revealed that she was pregnant with Arrow Boy’s child further asking her to stop hiding her pregnancy.

In an Instagram video labeled to be deleted, the singer revealed amid tears that she has her angel in heaven.

Mukami further described Jalango’s actions as demeaning, low and unjustifiable.

“We’ve been through a lot; we have our own reasons as to why we keep our things to ourselves. We have our angel, aah I don’t want to cry, in heaven,” said Nadia.

The singer narrated how Jalango invited her and Arrow Bwoy to his rural home in Siaya, which they did out of courtesy despite her not feeling well, only for the radio host to come and announce her private affairs to the public.

The award winning musician went on to blast Jalango for his unapologetic remarks after Arrow Bwoy told him to mind his business, terming it as rude and disrespectful and outright wrong.

She pointed out that Arrow Bwoy is not dramatic and for him to have responded shows just how offended he must have felt.


Arrow Bwoy had posted a subliminal message to Jalango accusing him of rumor mongering to which Jalango made light of going ahead to categorically state he was not sorry.

To Nadia and Arrow Bwoy, kama nilikua nimeropoka, nitaropoka tu tena. Sasa nifanye nini bana, niliropoka bana, tutatengeneza bana, it’s only that I’m not sorry, “ said Jalango before busting into laughter.

Nadia Mukami accused Jalango of using their pregnancy to drive traffic to his show which has subjected them to insults while the singer had tried to protect her sanity and peace at all cost.

The drama has sparked debate online some netizens criticizing the radio host while others think that Nadia’s response is an overreaction.



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