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Nai Fest! concert marred by Drama, failed performances and Theft

Photo courtesy: T. Ngaira

Revelers who attended the Nai Fest concert over the weekend were left disappointed after a number of artistes failed to perform.

According to a series of posts shared online, Nigerian singer Reekado Banks who was meant to headline the event failed to perform.

Reports indicate that the singer had a payment dispute with the Nai Fest organizers.

However the gig’s host, Bridget  Achieng has refuted those allegations saying that Reekado failed to perform due to time.

“The government stopped the music the main artist could not perform but revelers where happy it was past curfew the rules have to be followed.” She wrote on social media

Singer Tanasha Donna who was also meant to grace the stage allegedly failed to show up over a payment dispute.

Aside from the failed performance, revelers say the event had its fair share of drama as crowds got into fights.

Gengetone artist Gwaash also revealed that he was roughed up by bouncers as he was just about to go on stage.

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“First of all at the entrance the bouncer got rough on me. Had a fight bla bla bla. Still went on to perform then again at the stage, another bouncer throws my crew from the stage to the ground. He later on starts to abuse one of my crew members and even damaged her phone because she was recording them after the physical abuse. Sorry my fans we had to cut the performance short.” Gwash said


brayobrayoo_: msiweke event racecourse tena tuliibiwa??

ericomacha: Scam of the year… Very poor coordination at the end….kama hukuibiwa simu sema aaeeee!!! ????

pagewoods: Well I don’t know much about the performance but @_t.a.y.e.r_ came home full of mud i asked him wah kwani ni wapi kunanyesha! Worse scenario a nigga stole his iPhone ???

richardbrexx: The OG was the main Act it’s okay if Reekado came as a tourist to see Kenya.Omollo was ????

i.am_emojee: Lit na mabouncer wenu walkua wanavuruga wasanii work on that

_bosswilly: The show was great but it’s sad that some artists that I won’t mention had pick pockets among them at the VVIP section. Such a shame. Also if you want to be trusted just tell the truth about artists who are performing. Either way we don’t attend coz of some foreign artist we attend to support our own and to have fun. Pay even the likes of dimwits Shakila we will still come but don’t use a flat lie on us ati Ricardo has been told not to enter. All along he knew he was to come from 10-7pm where was he???? That is poor management and PR that don’t only demoralize fans but also demeans the event. Lastly know that tickets don’t pay artists. And this guy not performing must have been cost and financially constraints that tickets could not meet.