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Naiboi’s producer accuses him of failing to pay him

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Singer Michael Kennedy Claver popularly known as Naiboi has been accused of failing to pay for over ten songs.

According to a post that has gone viral, producer iLogos revealed that the singer has been ignoring his calls.

Ilogos also revealed that he was forced to sell one of the songs to Arrowboy after Naiboi did not pay for it.

“Hey, this’s ilogos music. So this is a very sad story. There’s this artist called Naiboi. I produced for him more than 10 songs But as I was expecting payments, this dude seemed to have no intention of paying and some of the tracks was been released. When I started pushing for my rights of payments the guy never picked my calls or respond to any of my text, I didn’t want to pick a fight and so I decided to sell the unreleased tracks, one of them was ToTo whom the new client was ArrowBwoy and he paid cash for the project” read the post

Ilogos also accused Naiboi of flagging down Arrowboy’s song over alleged rights yet he had not paid for the song.

“So this ToTo track had a written chorus already on that matter I’m the author of the prehook and hook..suddenly this Naiboi guy started to claim the rights of the song, the track he couldn’t pay and the melodies I wrote when ArrowBwoy released the song the guy flagged it from YouTube and Boomplay. Then I told my manager Ced to deal with that issue since he didn’t want to find a good solution and didn’t answer both my calls and Arrow’s, Black market Record decided to pull down all the songs that I produced for him cos he couldn’t pay. And Now ToTo by ArrowBwoy will be back on YouTube by Wednesday plus the video” added Ilogos.


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