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Nairobi Business Man sues governor Mike Sonko over viral phone call


Nairobi Business man Mike Kamau has sued governor Mike Sonko after a viral phone call that hit the internet in December

Mr Kamau, the owner of Marble Arch Hotel, accuses the governor  of releasing a recording of their phone conversation in which he insulted the businessman, initiating social media attacks that Kamau further claims damaged his reputation and image.

The dispute started in December after Muthithi Investments Ltd, owned by Mr Kamau, started demolishing houses built on a 20-acre plot in Nairobi’s Kayole estate.

The governor called the businessman and in a leaked private conversation threatened to demolish part of his hotel, which he said is built on grabbed land.

Kamau now wants governor Sonko ordered to delete a Facebook post in which he allegedly claims that the businessman misled the court using forged documents.

He also  says the phone call recording, which was widely circulated, and the Facebook post, were meant to depict him as someone who is violent, corrupt, and has misled the court using fake documents which is a criminal offense under the Penal Code.

“The continued defamation has spread through social media like wild fire to the extent on December 20, 2018, the 1st plaintiff (Mr Kamau’s) name was trending on Twitter following the circulation of the (call recording) video,” says the businessman.