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  • Traders counting losses in the maandamano aftermath.
  • Kenya losing 3 billion daily each day we have anti-government protest.

Just days after a series of anti-government demonstrations in the country Nairobi Central Business District traders have come out to share their loses ordeals and devastated businesses environment.

The traders says they are running into losses with many of their customers yet to come into terms with recent chaos that was witnesses.From losing customers to cancellation of orders the pain is unbearable.

“In the last week  demos alone I lost 500000 thousand shillings of business my customers cancelled their orders and use alternatives just because of the protest, it has not been easy.You have got stock,bills to pay yet you cant to that it is chaos I mean something must just be done forthwith.” Antony Mwaura Electric Accessories dealer told Ghetto Radio News.

He has called on the opposition leader Raila Odinga to use alternative legal route to engage the government and that street protest sare  causing them much and even the loss of lives.

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“We all agree that the country is not heading in the correct direction but to our opposition leader Raila Odinga please desist from street protest is causing Skirmishes,mayhem and chaos and when we all these our business suffer and many stomach goes hungry. We are appealing also to our President William Ruto to Fast-rack his engagement with Raila so that we can have peace.” He added

Kenya Private Sector Alliance Reaction

According to Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) the continuous closure of business premises and damage of properties is costing the country shillings 3 billion daily.

“Every time the country’s economic engines are closed for fear of theft and destruction from people who are taking advantage of the demonstrations, occasions unnecessary losses to the tune of about KSh 3 billion daily, Businesses provide goods and services to individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of their political affiliations, and must be protected from any political machinations,” the statement continued in part.

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