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  • Union leaders are being used politically
  • Union leaders turned against the agreements that they had made with the executive committee

The Nairobi County government has faulted the Nairobi County Workers Union for misleading county staff members.

Nairobi County Government Acting County Secretary Patrick Analo accused the union of using the county workers to settle political scores.

“Today we had a meeting with the county union leaders. But it is very unfortunate that the leaders are after their benefits because we as the country we usually do our best as we are talking now they have already been paid their salaries,” said Analo.

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Not Sakaja’s Fault

“The other grievances like illegal deduction of PAYEE was not done under Sakaja’s Government. The injustices that they are talking about was there and we are trying to fix it by all means,” he added.

According to Analo , workers Union  leaders refused to  allow the county executive committee members to addressed their employees who had camped outside city hall since morning.

“We were with their leaders in the meeting but they eventually left when we had gone to print an agreement document. But we had settled everything in fact they had 7 grievances but we as employees we listen to them and came up with 11 solutions. The time we were going to address them we found that they have been already poisoned them,” he added.

The county workers who hired some youths to help them to protest said that they will not relent with their strike.

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