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Nairobi County Assembly speaker Beatrice Elachi Impeached


Nairobi county assembly speaker Beatrice Elachi has been impeached.

103 Members of the county assembly voted to in favour of her impeachment while two voted no and two others abstained.

The MCAs removed her from office for causing ‘great embarrassment’ to the county assembly.

The assembly, before voting for impeachment on Thursday, amended the House procedures in the removal of a speaker stating that Elachi will now not be required to appear before an Ad-hoc committee to defend herself as lawfully required saying it will take time.

The amendments took effect immediately and the house wrote to Elachi to appear before the house to defend herself but she was nowhere to be seen.

In a motion by Waithaka MCA Antony Kiragu on Thursday, the MCAs accused Elachi of gross misconduct.

Earlier on,Elachi had asked ward representatives to shelve the plan to impeach her and embrace dialogue.

Elachi termed her conduct a “non-issue” and asked disgruntled MCAs to turn their focus to Nairobi’s problems and their possible solutions.

She said her woes stem from allegations that she has prevented the MCAs from travelling for benchmarking, tender wars and her invitation of officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to the assembly.

“It is a non-issue but if you say you have their support and they say you are denying them trips, then you are lying,I plead with the leaders of Nairobi.It is important to sit down and discuss.The allegations against me are very interesting. I am told it is the party’s stand. Let them write to me. I will respect it because it is a party. They do not need to go through all this.” She said while in Malindi