Nairobi County defends erroneous bursaries

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The CEC education Nairobi county government Janet Ouko  has asked the MCAs with complaints on errors in the county bursary checks to raise the same with her office.

Ouko who up to this moment says she has not received a single complaint was reacting to allegations raised by Upper Savanna Ward MCA Nicholas Okumu and Minority Leaders Elias Otieno in the assembly yesterday that some bursary cheques had errors.

Ouko told journalists that such allegations are malicious asking politicians not to use spelling errors or wrong names on the cheques to blackmail the county.

She urged politicians to be factual and bring to her office any cheques with errors so that the issue can be sorted in time.

Last  week Niarobi  governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko raised the allocation of bursary per ward from 3million shillings to 3.5 million shillings.