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Nairobi county governor aspirants should stop wasting time and start selling manifestos


As political drumbeats gain momentum in the country over the August 9th general election, the battle for gubernatorial seat is also gaining traction.

But despite this Nairobi county, which has been in the eye of an infinite political storm is taking things slowly with aspirants dilly dallying undecided on whether to go for the top seat or not especially following the creation of the Nairobi Metropolitan services NMS.

In fact the county went down in history as the first county micro managed by the National government after former Governor Mike Sonko ceded major functions to the Nairobi Metropolitan services NMS.

“NMS was created to give first aid to solve a temporary problem and they have done their work. What Nairobi now needs is a radical surgery,” Nairobi senator Johnson Sakaja said.

Some aspirants interested in that seat are worried about political interference and influence from the National government as well as those seeking to take over the house on the hill is a major dynamic in the Nairobi city county politics.

This they say is what contributed to the ceding of major functions to the NMS by the then governor Sonko.

“Our problem in Nairobi is not whether people want an elected leader or not. The problem is they have not yet found the rightful person,” Bishop Margret Wanjiru said.

“Nairobi governor cannot work without having a working relationship with the President of the country… because there are many functions that have not been devolved,” she added.


In fact in October 2021, Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant Tim Wanyonyi came out guns blazing calling for the Nairobi metropolitan services NMS term to end by March this year as specified in the deed of transfer without further extension.

Several aspirants eyeing the seat have been canceling their bids fearing that the NMS deal with the county government may be extended hence leaving the county with less power to control the city.

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“NMS by law will not be extended…it is over…they must return those functions because they have been devolved….former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko is the one who blessed them with those functions not us and they should be surrendered without further extensions,” Tim Wanyonyi said in an interview with Ghetto Radio.

But I must warn that the indecisiveness by some aspirants with regards to Nairobi governorship seat is political laziness, we must buy now be seeing rallies and political activities in the city being conducted by these aspirants as time is of the essence. Nairobi county residents need to be given time to scrutinize the aspirants as early as possible so as to elect the best and not make mistakes we continually make that leave us disappointed every after five years.

The top seat has attracted heavy weights seeking to take over as Nairobi governor among them Nairobi senator Johnson Sakaja, westlands MP Tim Wanyonyi, Televangeslist Bishop Margaret Wanjiru , Businessman Richard Ngatia,Business woman Agnes Kagure and the incumbent governor Anne Kananu.

A look at the aspirants manifestos show no much difference despite them believing that there manifestos will outshine that of their competitors. to start with Bishop Wanjiru is seeking to solve traffic snarl ups in Nairobi, create jobs and even improve the health sector in the county among other issues, Sakaja on the other hand wants to create more jobs for the youth, facilitate business licenses , fight corruption , while Wanyonyi  who has already launched his gubernatorial bid says he wants to reposition Nairobi as a tourist destination, integrate ICT in the city and also streamline the sector while Kagure will champion better clean water supply, good sanitation in the county and also reliable healthcare services for all.

“I pledge to do what is humanely possible to expand the horizon of opportunities that will in turn give Nairobians a platform to excel and a platform to reclaim the dignities… we will move from the city of lamentation to the city of jubilation,” Businesswoman Kagure said while launching her Nairobi Gubernatorial bid.

The county which is Kenya’s capital city has a total of more than 4 million people according to 2019 National census.

Having received more than 8 billion shillings as a devolved unit Nairobi county government has been under investigations over corruption allegations.

This even led to the impeachment of the former Governor Mike Sonko. Just recently Nairobi’s third governor Ann Kananu was sworn in after a protracted battle between former Sonko who was impeached in 2020.

“By virtue of the county strategic importance, the responsibility bestowed upon me as the governor of Nairobi is no mean fete, however I confidently state that with your support I am up to the task and I will serve you to the best of my ability,” Kananu said while being sworn in November 2021 as third Nairobi county Governor.