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Nairobi County kicks off public participation exercise on new finance bill


Budget and appropriation committee Nairobi city county assembly today pitched camp at Waithaka Social Hall where the area residents got an opportunity to aired out their views on the  draft financial bill 2018 that seeks to raise and impose  new taxes.

The residents are opposed to the imposition of news taxes churches and collections of garbage in the city and at  residential area.

According to them the proposed 10,000 shillings  levy on churches ,2000 shillings on butchers and 300 per households for garbage collection is too high for a normal Niarobi resident.

‘‘We want to ask governor Sonko why should he introduce new tax on garbage collection yet we are paying  taxes  for the same services,’’ one of the resident complained.

Meanwhile acting speaker Niarobi city county assembly Chege Mwaura was also present at the event and on his part he assured the residents their voice will count when the bill is brought to the assembly.

‘‘Our  mandate as assembly is  voter representation and i will personally engage the budget committee to ensure all public views are incorporated before they proceed for report writing.’’ He added.

Tomorrow the budget committee will be at Jericho Social Hall where they will be final public participation.