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Nairobi County Puts Measures In Place To Curb Water Deficit

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The Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company says that it has put enough resources to curb water deficit in the county.

Advocate Karen Nyamu who is also a board member of Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company says that out of the Ksh. 2.7 Billion county budget set aside for environment, water and sewerage infrastructure Ksh. 362 Million will be used on water resource management.

Apart from investing enough resources in water management, Nairobi County and the Nairobi Water Sewerage Company have also renewed efforts in the crackdown against water cartels.

The war on illegal water disconnections has seen Sh 12,907,647 recovered as penalties and Sh 3,199,000 as court fines at the Nairobi’s City Court.

The County Government launched a major crackdown on water cartels early last year, leading to 1834 illegal water disconnections 232 prosecutions and 893 connections having been regularized.

“We Shall continue with this disconnections until the cartels are eliminated. Of course the best way to deal with cartels is to ensure we meet and exceed the demand of water in the city,” Nyamu said.

Nyamu further stated that the measures put in place by the county government and the Nairobi Water Company will lead to full realization of safe, clean and reliable water flow in the city estates.


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