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Nairobi County refutes claims that Polio Vaccine had negative side effects


The Nairobi county government together with community stakeholders from different sub-counties have denied allegations that the polio vaccine being administered to children has negative side effects.

This is after several parents raised concern after noticing health issues like diarrhoea and vomiting from their children after they were given the vaccine.

Addressing the press during a review meeting, Teresia Mukuna from Starehe sub county explained that when a vaccine starts working in the body, any pending infection is bound to blow out.

She also said that the reactions were triggered by the cold weather.

“If a child is given the vaccine it triggers the body and if there was a health issue which was pending it blows out and the child contracts it,” she said.

The first time we did the campaign in May it was not there.

Basically if it had side effects, all the children would be affected.

It is just by coincidence it was during the cold weather and many people were having flu.”

Apart from complaints of side effects from parent, Nairobi County has also cited several access to gated communities and and resistance from immigrant pupulation as some of the obstacles faced by the health workers on the ground.

Nairobi County Health Promotion Officer Lillian Mutua, however stated that they were able to convince some of the immigrants by telling them that the vaccine was safe and it was meant to only boost their children’s immunity.

“We mainly faced a challege as we would not access the elite communities as they live in gated estates where we could not easily access.

This made it difficult to get all the children below 5.