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Nairobi County Speaker Mutura Speaks After Dramatic Arrest By DCI


Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Benson Mutura has accused the state of intimidating him after he declared his support for Deputy President William Ruto.

This is after DCI officers stormed his office and handcuffed him in an attempt to arrest him over corruption charges.

According to Mutura, he was summoned by the DCI and 1400hrs and was given the summonses at 1330hrs, time he says was so short for him to honour the summons.

“I was served at 1330 hrs on the 20th April 2022. I am unable to reach there within the remaining 30 minutes. Kindly allow me to appear tomorrow the 21st April, 2022 at 0800 hrs or any time you advise,” Mutura said.

The speaker said that his arrest was contrary to the County Assembly orders that state that he cannot be arrested within the premises.

“I want urge the police that what they are doing is wrong and they are being misused. It is a pity that police officers who are supposed to uphold and follow the law came in total contradiction of the law. I would want to tell them to follow the law. I have been clean, faithful and diligent in all that I have been doing,” he added.

Meanwhile Mutura has reiterated his faithfulness to the Deputy President saying he will not be deterred by the intimidations.

“Thes circuses have stated just because the other day I declared my support for the Deputy President William Ruto. That support is unshakable and I am not going to be intimidated for whatever cost. This is also because I have said that NMS has not followed the law and the assembly has to approve, because the extension they are claiming had to be brought to the assembly for approval and to the public for public participation,” Mutura said.

By: Emmaline Owuor