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Nairobi County to Use  111 Million Shillings Emergency Fund To Fight Covid-19  In Nairobi


The county government of Nairobi is now planning to use 111 million shillings emergency fund to curb the spread of Coronavirus in the county.

In an interview with Ghetto radio News, Nairobi county Health Committee chairperson Peter Warutere said the county has taken the necessary steps to get the funds but is still waiting for regularisation of the same by the county assembly of  Nairobi.

‘‘we are working with a modest budget of 111 million shillings  but to get it has been a challenge because the assembly  is currently not on…  though we shall regularise everything today in our special sittings.’’ He said.

Meanwhile, he is opposed to a move by both the senate and  Nairobi county assemblies to bar honorable members whose ages are above 50 years and above from attending parliamentary sessions.

According to Warutere the move is ill-advised as it encourages social discrimination.

‘‘Old is gold we can not deny our elders in the assembly access because of Coronavirus , this is stigma and we should not encourage it at all costs,’’ he added.