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Nairobi County  Workers Defy Sonko’s order, pick Employment Letters from Badis’ NMS


Nairobi county government workers on Monday defied  Governor Mike Mbuvis’ order preventing them to pick employment letters from Nairobi Metropolitan Services.

Director-General Nairobi Metropolitan Services Mohammed Badi on Monday inspected the exercise and dismissed Sonkos’ directive arguing that he is the one who appended his own signature surrendering the four key functions to the national government and therefore, should not interfere with NMS functions.

‘‘We are expecting to have employed 600 workers by evening today.  These four were transferred to me by governor Sonko, signed  at the statehouse and given  to the national government, the county assembly had a special sitting and also passed the same, not only officers but also vehicles and offices.’’ Badio said.

The same was echoed by Minority Whip Peter Imwatok who accompanied Badi at Uhuru Park and asking Sonko to keep off NMS  functions and concentrate on what was left for him.

‘‘We thank workers for obeying NMS as they ignore unscrupulous directives by Sonko, workers are tired of being called thieves every time. Sonko must know that 80% of his functions are  gone and he should now concentrate on fumigation ‘sideshows’ that he is doing.’’ He added.