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Nairobi County Workers Demand Removal of Justice Onyango


Nairobi county government  workers have today  held  protests in front of the supreme court before presenting their petition to  the Judicial Service Commission JSC  seeking removal of Lady  Justice Maureen Onyango.

The group led by their Secretary General Benson Oriaro Oliang’a paraded at the gates of Supreme Court blowing trumpets and whistles  as they sought audience with the JSC boss Chief Justice David Maraga.

‘‘We are a bitter lot today how can this judge have to rulings on one case,  this is conflict of interest and we want JSC to investigate her conduct  and remove her from this position ..this  is a clear conflict of interest.’’Olianga said.

According to them Lady  Justice Onyango  first  agreed with  them that  they  indeed  followed the due process in coming back with the Collective bargaining agreement CBA that was letter signed by the county government ,awarding employees 15% salary  increment a ruling that was later quashed  by the same judge.

‘’The Salaries and Remuneration Commission  went back to court with same  case and another ruling  was given  terming  the  CBA  illegal.

SRC maintains that the wage bill of Nairobi City government is too much and additional 15%  is not  sustainable.