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Nairobi Diaries actress elated after MCA who tried to kill her is hospitalized


Nairobi Diaries’ actress Mishi Dora has taken to social media to celebrate after receiving news that the man who allegedly tried to kill her a few years ago is paralyzed and in hospital.

In a post shared on social media, the socialite revealed that the MCA got electrocuted and cannot move any part of his body.

The outspoken lass, went on to narrate how happy she is that karma hast taken its course.

“Karma is the most patient gangster ever.. fam please fight your battles on your knees and leave the rest to God… This is the same guy that shot at me with his gun and run me over with his car and left me for the dead… I was on a wheelchair for like a year …Got crippled and have scars that hasn’t gone away to-date… Some are even covered in tattoos… Sometime back I cried for justice coz he bought his freedom and my case died like that before the magistrates…. Today he is PARALYSED…. He got electrocuted and now can’t move his body… God I thank you… JUSTICE CAN BE DELAYED BUT CANNOT BE DENIED…. Have a good weekend sweethearts,” wrote Mishi Dora

A few months back, Mishi alleged that the MCA for Mayoni ward in Kakamega County, Libinus OduorJuma had shot at her and ran her over outside a club and that she had not been able to get justice.

The socialite has also refuted allegations that she was dating the MCA at the time of the incident.

She had earlier revealed that the whole scuffle began after she went to collect a debt the Member of County Assembly owed her.