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Nairobi estate that has not had electricity for more than three weeks

Daily life in Mathare, one of the poorest slums in Nairobi. Running water and electricity are scarce and trash and human waste fill the streets. Many people have no jobs and those who do work can earn less than one dollar a day.

Residents of Kibera Laini Saba are lamenting losses and frustration in their businesses following a power disconnection by Kenya Power last month.

The residents claim that they have not had electricity for more than three weeks over a disconnection technicality caused by the Kenya Power and its contractor.

Charles Mwangi a residents claims that trouble started when Kenya power contracted a company three years ago to install token, gadgets failed to finish the job a move that forced Kenya Power to disconnect the power.

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Mwangi is further accusing the power company of trying to falsley acquire money from them by asking them to pay 10,000 shillings in order to power reinstalled in their houses.

“So how is it our problem now that Kenya power contractors refused to connect back power? They should instead look for the contractors and not frustrate us,” said Mwangi.

Mwangi further claims that the disconnection was done in a very shoddy manner that left power lines hanging, leaving the lives of the residents in danger.

“So Kenya Power is killing this system of tokens. What do they want us to do next? Do they want us to go back to buying power from illegal cartels that do not even care if their connections are safe hence killing children and unsuspecting people? posed Mwangi.