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Nairobi Families Fight Over Ksh. 600,000 Urban Renewal Compensation Fees


A section of Jevanjee Estate Residents that will be affected by Nairobi Urban Renewal Project  now want  the  county government and developers to establish a better strategy for compensation saying that the current mode has left families  sharply divided.

The residents say the current formula  has brought a lot of difference amongst the families in terms of how to share it.

According Abdul Issa Ndeko a resident of Jevanjee estate, his family members  have failed to come into agreement on how to share the Ksh. 600,000 compensation sum that was issued by the developer.

“My father had so many wives we are too many in our families but it is difficult to agree on how we shall divide it because everybody is fighting for it  we are so scattered as we speak,” Ndeko said.

Same concerns have been raised by Ziwani residents who now want a better deal than that of Jevanjee.

They say they do not want to suffer like Pangani and Jevanjee tenants.

One former Ziwani resident anonymously told Ghetto Radio News how he is planning to take his share of the money despite not living in the house that is currently being occupied by the sister.

“If the County Government is giving out Ksh. 600,000, i have the right over at least Ksh 200,000 of the money,” said the resident who has around three other siblings in Nairobi.