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Nairobi and Kiambu county residents topped the rank of Hustler Fund subscribers in data released by the Cooperative Cabinet Secretary, Simon Chelgui. 

In data released by the CS on Thursday, December 8, Nairobi was the leading with 1,072,888 subscribers, followed by Kiambu at 624,410 subscribers.

Nakuru County, on the other hand, recorded 450,194 subscribers.

Counties that also recorded a high number of subscribers were Machakos (386, 808), Kakamega( 325,924) and Kilifi (321,754).

On the other hand, Lamu recorded the least number of users at 26,950 subscribers. Northeastern counties also recorded the least number of subscribers, with a majority having less than 100,000 subscribers.

Mandera county had 34,831 subscribers, while Marsabit county recorded 33,881 subscribers.

According to the data, the fund had 12.8 million subscribers, with 9.3 million subscribers borrowing from the micro loan pool.

The government disbursed Ksh5.4 billion with Ksh274,000 million collected for the savings scheme.

In regard to the users, the majority of the borrowers were from age 26 -35 years at 34 per cent, followed by those in the age bracket of 18-25 years at 22 per cent.

Kenyans over 55 years were the list borrowers at 9 per cent.

Additionally, most of the borrowers were applying for loans using feature phones. This was put at 51 per cent.

49 per cent of borrowers were smartphone users.


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