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Nairobi City County Alcoholic Drinks Control and Licensing Board has thrown its weight behind Governor Johnson Sakaja’s move to revoke liquor licenses for notorious night clubs in residential areas.

NCCADCLB chairman Frank Mbogo noted that the bar owners had defied resolutions passed last month between them, the residents associations and Deputy Governor Njoroge Muchiri.

“We want to be categorical that all businesses operating within our regulatory mandate must operate within the law.We will not tolerate those who break the law for selfish profiteering at the expense of millions of Nairobi residents,” Mbogo said.

“If you have refused to soundproof and provide access and parking space for your clientele then do your business elsewhere and not in residential areas,” added the board chairman.

According to Mbogo the  county government   is not against people doing business but they must operate within the parameters of the law.

Last month, the Nairobi County Liquor Licensing Board announced that it was to deregister 43 nightclubs over noise pollution.

However, the bar owners pleaded with the county government to reconsider only for them to revert back to business as usual.

The governor revoked licenses for nightclubs and wines and spirits joints operating in residential areas to curb noise pollution.

Addressing members of the Bar Owners Association and Residents Association during a stakeholder consultative forum in Nairobi, DG Muchiri said the current leadership is focused on expanding the business environment and creating more opportunities in the sector.

“We are about creating opportunities and developing a conducive environment for the business community to thrive, not closing down people’s business in Nairobi, but people must also comply with the laws governing the running of the business,” Muchiri said then.

By Allan Otieno


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