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Nairobi MCAs are our biggest clients – Commercial sex workers

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A group of commercial sex workers in Nairobi has threatened to hold demonstrations over a motion by the Nairobi County Assembly seeking to ban commercial sex work.

The sex workers say that once banned, most of their clients, some of whom are MCAs will resort to illegal means of getting their services and in the process harming them.

“These MCAs need to stop pretending that they do not know our trade and they are our biggest customers,” they argued.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, the commercial sex workers say the law if passed will infringe their rights and also freeze their source of income.

“We are going to don our tools, just like other striking workers, we also have our rights,” the sex workers stated while in a meeting in Huruma slums.

“Once banned, our clients will resort to calling us into their houses and that is how most of us end up abused physically and sexually,” they said.

They say the county government should instead help them look for alternative means of employment before closing down what they depend on to earn a living.



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