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Nairobi MCAs Clash With Kananu’s Administration Over Ward Projects Funds


Nairobi County Assembly MCAs are now reading malice and sabotage on the implementation of Ward development projects initiated by the honourable members.

The County Executive Committee Member for Finance Allan Igambi found himself in difficult position to explain why the county assembly has been budgeting for ward development projects   in every financial year yet the projects have stalled due to non-payments.

‘‘And I can attest that  probably the projects that were there after we were elected are  for the  members who were there before us …other projects have been rolled over  and over  and us members we see you guys are hell-bent on frustrating the members of county assembly said you had  allocated  Ksh. 500 million shillings in that account  why don’t you  deposit money to that account and where is the money? ..” Mberia asked.

Minority Leader Michael Ogada accused the executive of using the controller of budget office as an excuse to frustrate the MCAs.

“As it stands there is someone using you to frustrate us and we are aware that is happening ..please there is a problem in that area members are crying they cannot go to the ground  and to those contractors who have done some jobs please pay  them,” Ogada said.

According to Finance CEC Allan Igambi they have been facing legal hurdles at controller of budget’s office whenever they request for the funds.

“Towards the tail end of the financial year we requisitioned  the Ksh. 500 million from the controller of budget for the purposes of being transferred to the special purpose account …the controller of budget wrote back with a reference to the regulation for the 2015 which states that the CEC member responsible  for the county government and its  function shall confirm in writing that the establishment of the fund and it’s continued existence will not  depend only on annual financing from  the exchequer.” Allan said.

By Allan Otieno