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Nairobi MCAs Want JSC to Probe Justice Chitembwe, Justice Warsame


Nairobi County Assembly Minority Chief Whip Peter Imwatok  has now called on Judicial Service Commission to probe High Court judge Said  Chitembwe and Court of Appeal Judge Mohammed Warsame  doubting their professional conducts.

Speaking in today’s plenary session Imwatok says the revelation by former Nairobi  governor  Mike Sonko implicating Chitembwe in alleged conspiracy to defeat justice cannot be tolerated.

He has further demanded prompt withdrawal of Justice Warsame from the Nairobi County Assembly case filed by former clerk Jacob Ngwele.

“I want to put it straight that we are not part of what the judiciary is doing. I want to say that what we did was good for Nairobians, we did not do anything out of malice, we did not do anything out of injustice. I agree that the courts subsequently have agreed with us and if indeed the courts have agreed with us then I don’t expect what I see on social media expounded by former governor Mike Sonko,”


“But if indeed it is true that Justice Said  Chitembwe, Justice Mohammed Warsame and the rest who have been mentioned are in any way auctioning justice in this country the best thing is very simple that the Chief Justice Martha Koome to take action and even before her I request Justice Chitembwe and Justice Warsame and the rest who have been mentioned with due respect to step aside so that Sonko will also feel he has justice and the county assembly of Nairobi can keep its image that they did what was meant to be done,” Imwatok added.

But Chitembwe has turned down calls to step aside saying he has done nothing wrong.

“I have known Sonko and his father for years. Sonko’s aunt, the elder sister to his mum, was married to my late cousin. Sonko calls me uncle and of course he would come to my place although not frequently,” the judge stated. 

By Allan Otieno