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Nairobi Politician Playing Politics With People’s Health

Nairobi Politician Playing Politics With People's Health


Residents of Ziwani Ward in Nairobi have raised concern over the sewage menace that has blocked the area for over the last one week.

The residents have accused a politician in the ward of blocking sewer lines in the area and later unblocking them in order to gain mileage.

The residents claim the blackages have caused the sewer pipes to burst further exposing them to cholera.

They now want the female politician who is vying on a ticket of one of the major parties to stop playing politics with people’s health.

”We have tried to unblock the sewage pipes but it has become impossible. At one time we found a mattress and we wonder how someone can throw a mattress in the sewage. This is almost like someone is behind this.”a resident spoke to Ghetto Radio.

People of Ziwani have complained that with the current outbreak of Cholera in Nairobi, there is a health threat on them and even their children who play in the same areas.