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 Nairobi Residents To Continue Suffering As City Leadership Woes Deepen


Nairobi residents are now staring at tough times   following the decision by court to bar  governor Mike Sonko from office and transacting any county government business.

From the onset, some saw it coming since the governor  was advised on several occasions to nominate his deputy but did not take  the advise seriously plunging the county into leadership crisis.

According to  constitutional lawyer Danstan Omari,  Nairobi is in trouble  and soon staffs will not get salaries and the common mwananchi will lack  crucial services.

‘‘This is a pure crisis by denying Sonko  access to his official duty you  are directly denying common mwananchi services  directly, am telling you this problem was manufactured by court  in justice  Ngugis’ rulling that those charged with corruption related cases can not access their offices and even transact any official business.’’ Omari told Ghetto Radio News.

Absence of Sonko at Jamhuri Day celebrations yesterday was also a clear indicator that the city ‘lion’ actually is  troubled ,caged and his powers trimmed to the ground.. instead Speaker Beatrice Elachi was accorded  VIP treatment just  to shelve political sheaves.

Half of Sonko ministers  including the county secretary  Leboo Ole Morintat who is  second in command after him are serving in acting capacity.

According to structures the governor leads all county operations from pending signatures to crucial county projects,agreement and other services.

He also approves contracts through the office of county secretary.

Opposition MCAs led by minority leader David Mberia  will be moving to supreme court to seek for advisory .

‘‘We are waiting for our party leader to gives us direction but as opposition MCAs we shall move to supreme court to seek for advisory on how this county will be governed.’’ Mberia said.