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Nairobi Water slams Wa Iria Over New Nairobi Water Demands


There is no cause for  alarm over the on-going  political  wrangles on control of Ndakaini dam water  between Nairobi county and Muranga county governments.

This according to Nahashon Muguna, Managing Director  Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company.

In an exclusive interview with Ghetto Radio News, Muguna slammed governor Mwangi Wa Iria’s move to demand for water revenue at Ndakaini terming it as politics of hate that  goes against the spirit of constitution that mandates the national government to ensure equitable sharing of natural resource.

‘‘Ndakaini dam water is a natural resource and anybody politicising a natural resource contravenes  article 40 and article 70 of constitution that allows the national  government to  equitably share the resource among the citizens.’’ He stated.

He wants politicians to keep off  Ndakaini dam  saying its serves Kenyans staying in Nairobi.

Muguna further revealed that the company is almost through with construction of  Northern collector  which  will pump close to 140,000 cm cube per day of water  an increase that will reduce the water rationing in Nairobi.

Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko last week warned Wa Iria over his demand saying Nairobi county government has a title deed for Ndakaini and the affected resident were compensated during its construction.