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Nairobi youth’s expectation from Governor Sonko

Letter to Sonko

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                             Letter from the liberator.


Dear Governor Mike Sonko.

Nairobi County

I want to take these opportunity to congratulate you for being elected the second Governor in the history of Nairobi county and of course not forgetting your previous capacities that you have successfully represented the people and served both as a member of parliament and senator.

Allow me to continue addressing you with your name Sonko’ that resonates with your identity to Kenyans and mostly the youthful masses whom have placed pragmatic hope and vision with your governorship position given your philanthropic phenomenon that you exercised before you became who you are today.

I want to state the following and invite your attention into critical matters that matter to the lives of grassroots masses   with rural urban villages of Nairobi and the real picture of the ghetto youths in slums of Nairobi.

I am hoping that you will see sense in introducing legislations in the county government and county cabinet platforms in addressing the following critical observations that if keenly listened too or analyzed can bring change in how the political and state structures can deal with chronic challenges like crime,unemployment,social welfare for street families, exploitation of human resource by negative elements and building a data base for capacity accessment,proffesions pitfall.

  • The county Government should allow and facilitate community forums for formulation of Nairobi county crime prevention and amnesty policy, That will create a safe platform for youths in criminal acts to surrender voluntary without victimization with county creating crime prevention and amnesty committee within the executive for purposes of confidentiality.
  • Allocate funds for construction of Nairobi crime Trauma center that can help youths from criminal traumatized back ground or drug addicts get emotional and structural healing and community reconciliation given the victimization and stigma that most reformed people face within the society.
  • Allocate Garbage collection trucks directly to sub county waste management and recycling committee that should include garbage collections groups, business community,recycline experts and sub county environment officer in charge of waste management and GREEN ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES so as to build on the ideology TAKA ni PATO by creating 17 sub county research and recycling points.
  • Nairobi county Government must liberate the public transport sector by introducing inducing mechanisms that can deal with Nairobi traffic menace at the sometime protect the youthful conductors from frequent harassments from the county askaris,
  • Legislation on special interest of persons with disability and school going children who board public transport should be looked upon by declaring half fare charge with any destination in Nairobi county, these will bring affirmative benefits to the public sector.
  • At least in all 85 wards of Nairobi we have a community sports facility, the county government must make sure that each playing field either in the county schools or community playing fields are updated to the level of camp Toyoyo with public sanitation facility, charging rooms and 500 seats terraces, and also we need Nairobi county to have a sports committee within the executive docket so that it can have composition of all county sports stake holders And fully of Nairobi county men and women football league that is currently under FKF.
  • The issue of single mothers and widows is paining and no attention is being given towards that direction apart from political statements we hear in the media, The county Government through your office should adopt a program of support home based industrialization by supporting the said group with both skills, funding and marketing of home made produce and these will address the rising number of single women and widows struggling in the streets as commercial sex workers or their children becoming teenage criminals or street gangs.
  • Have a safety net program for street families in including ward based feeding programs.
  • We must have sub county fund for supporting community health workers with skill development and social support within 85 wards and en co-operate a representative of community health workers in the Nairobi county health committee.
  • Nairobi County should adopt National Youth council “and create Nairobi county youth council offices at every 85 wards as the constitutional threshold
  • Nairobi County youth fund.
  • Devolve services of ONE STOP YOUTH CENTER to every ward so as to bridge the gap between the youths and information/opportunities.



I am aware that your tray of expectations is already full given the five years that many youths have been hanging on the fence of city county hoping that one day there aggrivances shall be address,

Sonko the youths of Nairobi needs you today more than ever before ‘its upon  you ‘its either you liberate them or you maintain the status quo’ but rememember and never forget to remember you are a peoples generated leader ‘don’t let their 100 days expectation expire.




Liberator Edgar.

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