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Nairobians Haven’t Embraced Gengetone, Ethic Entertainment

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Pioneer Gengetone quartet Ethic Entertainment comprised of Rekles, Swat, Zila and Seska brought to the fore the less dalliance Nairobians have shown towards embracing their craft.

This is a misconception for a group that gained stardom starting out in Umoja Estate at Eastlands part of Nairobi.They laid this out during their interview with  Comedian Churchill on the journey series edition.

“Mafans wetu wangu wako nje ya Nairobi si apa Nairobi, ‘Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret hadi we mwenyewe ukiperform unaona enyewe apa kuna energy flani. Eldy (Eldoret) ni wenda wazim – diehard fans, wanakushangilia,wanakuvuta hadi bouncer hadi bouncer anawapiga baree lakini bado wanakugusaa jamaa haskii,” said Ethic.

The Love Of Foreign Music Over The Local Sound

They went ahead and pointed out a worrying trend exhibited by most kenyans in showing support towards foreign music rather than supporting their own.

This leads artist’s to start aping the foreigners sound such as Nigerian music which has flooded the Kenyan market.

“Kuna Msee huko chini hajulikani but the moment anaona watu wame appreciate vitu za Nigeria sana ataanza kuimba ka wasee wa Nigeria, watu Wana appreciate vitu za majuu sana ataanza kuimba ka watu wa huko nje unaona coz anaona huku hivi watu hawataki kuskiza watu wanaimba wanaimba huku” lamented Rekles. He maintained that it was high time Kenyans supported their own for the sake of the industry’s growth. “tunafaa kwanza tunakubali hii ni yetu atakaa ni ya ujinga lakini hii ndio yetu unaona, Ndio inaanza ikigrow ikipanda,” pleaded Rekles.

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Conned During First Gig

When they took over not only the airwaves but also the Kenyan dancehalls with their run away hit ‘Lamba Lolo’, shows came their way but never earned a single cent after being duped by a promoter, something they pointed out to their in-experience then.

“Hatukua tunajua radar ni gani unaona ni vile uko surprised, uko excited yani so mtu anatupigia tu niaje Lamba Lolo nataka mkam mperform hiyo ngoma but walituingiza (we got swindled) Revealed Ethic.

Having had a successful run which again was slowed by the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. The group promises to continue releasing more music in promoting the Gengetone Sound.

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By Steve Osaka