Nairobi’s most notorious areas for carjackings

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Matatu conductors plying the Eastlands route have named Shauri Moyo, Majengo and Eastleigh areas as the most notorious places for carjackings in Nairobi.

Paul Shigwede a conductor with Buru Buru Sacco matatus says the gang hijacking matatus is made up of very young boys who are below the age of 20 years.

Shigwede has further accused the bodaboda riders of aiding the suspects in robbing passengers.

They say the rampant muggings have exposed them to danger making them to fear for their lives.

They further claim that their pleas to the police have fallen on deaf ears.

Two vehicles belonging to the Double M Sacco and Buru Buru Sacco were hijacked on Wednesday evening along Jogoo Road allegedly by the same marauding gang.