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Nairobi’s most wanted thug says he wants to surrender


One of the most sought after suspected thugs in Nairobi now says that he wants to surrender to the police.

Leone Mohamed Maina hit the headlines in May after he escaped with gunshot wounds as his alleged partner in crime was shot in Jericho near the camp Toyoyo Grounds.

19 year old Leon was the son of a notorious thug  Edward Shimoli who was gunned down in 2007 by police.

While he admits to committing some crimes at Camp Toyoyo Leon says he has changed and wants to surrender to the police but fears of being shot dead.

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He says the killing of his brother in 2016 is what propelled him to crime but he now wants to surrender after having learnt his lesson in exile.

Leon who has served a jail term of five years claims he was propelled into crime again in 2016 after the police shot dead his brother only five days after reuniting with him from prison.

According to the police, Leon owns a gun which he first needs to surrender to before he is pardoned, a claim which he denies.

Leon has been on the radar of the police after infamous cop known for killing suspected thugs and posting them online put out a warning against him on social media.

He claims he only wants to live a normal life and take care of his child.