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Naivas Opens 84th Store Along Nairobi-Naivasha Highway

Naivas supermarket  has today opened  its 84th  branch along Nairobi-Naivasha Highway in a glitzy  ceremony  attended by the store’s Chief Financial  Manager Willy Kimani.

Speaking  during  the grand opening  ceremony  Kimani said that the decision  to put up  the stores along the Naivasha-Nairobi dubbed  safari centre highway with the tagline ‘safari safari’ was to enable the travellers  along the busy highway  shop with much convenience just hundreds  meter  away  from  the congested Naivasha  Central  Business District where  where  they are likely to get stuck  in traffic  jam.

“The innovative idea to establish  our stores  along the highway is because  we want to leave no one out along the highways. The travellers  are our target  customers,because  they don’t  need to penetrate the CBD to get what  they need,” Kimani said.

Optimistic  of the store’s financial  state  the  seasoned financial  manager said that Naivas supermarket  is making  progress to remain  financially afloat  despite  of the economic  turbulence in the  country,some of which  are attributed  to the political  season  and the external  factors  like Ukraine-Russia  war among other  factors.

“We are futuristic and also growing  the economy,we continue to audit  our financial  flowS but we can assure  Kenyans  that  we are walking this journey  together and despite  of internal  and external  economic  we are serve Kenyans in way that gives  value  to their  monies,” Kimani stated.

The birth of the first  safari centre  will serve a unique  purpose as game  changer in the  history  of Naivas Supermarket set to  focus  on items of basic  home  appliances  and fresh food  as opposed  to big  electric items.

“By the virtues  that we target the travellers  and locals,this shop is unique,because  we’re situated along the highway. We will prioritize fast food products in our stores and not big electronics  like in other  stores,”Kimani  added.

The County’s  mainstream one stop shopping  also  announced  the clearing stocks sales  in the next few weeks to come where  buyers  will shop selected  items at Naivas  stores at relatively  low prices as a way of giving back to it’s loyal  customers.

By Rodgers Oduor