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Nameless recounts how he learnt about E-sir’s death


Veteran singer Nameless has recounted the last moments spent with the late legendary rapper Issa Mmari popularly known as E-sir.

E-sir died back in 2003 on his way back to Nairobi from a concert at Afraha Stadium, Nakuru town, to help promote his debut album.

Nameless opened up on how he woke up in the hospital and no one could tell him where E-sir was.

“I did not know from the time I was taken to the hospital when it all happened. I was told he was in a different hospital. I had no phone or any other way of reaching E-sir my brother came from Nairobi. I asked everyone and no one told me. My brother is the one who told me, ‘e-sir didn’t make it’. It did not sink in. Like you know, you were with someone and then you are told they are no more, it cannot sink in.” he said

He added that E-sir’s death only sank in after he heard it being announced on the radio.

“I changed and entered a car that is when Boomba Train was played, and all I remember is the presenters then announced it. At this point, I broke down and that is when it sank in. I cried and as I was listening to his song playing, I could feel like he was talking to me.” He added