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Nameless Tackles Naughty Fan Who Wished He Died Instead Of E-Sir

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Veteran Kenyan Afro Pop Singer David Mathenge commonly known as Nameless has responded amicably to a naughty fan who wished him death instead of the departed legendary rapper E-Sir.

Taking to Instagram,the ‘Holiday’ Singer posted the devastating message from one of his fans who not only wished he was the one who died in the accident that claimed the life of E-Sir but also termed him overused and dwelling on publicity stunts for relevance. “si kwa ubaya but sometimes when i see you i wonder what if it would have been you who died that fateful day of E-Sir’s death cz you were together.. If E-sir was alive would he have impacted the Kenyan music esp hip hop industry more than you have done??? No disrespect bt i think he would have cz sai nyinyi wasanii wa enzi za tene you are trying so hard kufit kwa industry through Kiki na si mziki sanasana”wrote the fan.

He went ahead and rubbished the documentary on Nameless marriage to Singer Wahu terming it ‘boring’ while advising him to get back to studio and drop hits rather than dwell on his private issues on the love series.

“Ww na wife yako Wahu there was a time when Kenyans knew very less about you mbona sai mmeona ndio the ryt time kutuanikia documentaries of your lives everywhere on social media. Mnaboo.. Do music.. Toa hits bado like before bila kudepend on your private Soap operas to boost your reviews “Added the fan.

On his response Nameless admitted to having different strengths with the late E-Sir, putting in mind the latter was a rapper and him being a Singer.He made it known that the fallen ‘Hamnitishi’ rapper is happy for his strides.

Touching on his documentary he revealed it’s a way of learning new things concerning his music and marriage while admitting that not all will get to appreciate, and that’s life. “I know for a fact if he (E-Sir) is watching me he is proud of my journey… We are also aware that not everyone will learn from from our journey because we have different paths. Read part of Nameless response.

By Steve Osaka


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