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Nana Dollz Denies Breaking Alikiba’s Marriage


Tanzanian video vixen Nana Dollz has distanced herself from the ongoing debate that she is the cause of the divorce between Alikiba and wife Amina Khalef.

This is after a video went viral showing the musician and the video vixen in a cosy situation while shooting the video.

Last month Alikiba’s wife filed a divorce at the Mombasa Kadhi’s court asking for ksh 200,000 monthly upkeep.

She said that the couple has not divorced because neither Alikiba nor the wife has confirmed that they have separated.

Wao wana hakika gani kwamba huyo mwanaume ameomba Talaka. Alikia alikuja akasema kwamba ameombwa talaka, ama mke wa Alikiba aliikuja akasema ameomba talaka kwa hivyo huo ni umbea wakija wenyewe na kusema kwamba huyu ameomba talaka na sababu ya hiyo ni video hapo tunaweza kuelewa as for now mimi sioni tatizo lolote,” she said.


She also claimed that the trending video was part of the music video hence should not be a problem toanyone.

Hiyo ni part of scene na the good thing ni kwamba hiyo scene iko katika ile video sio kwamba haipo. Unajua kibaya ni kwamba ingekuwapo kwenye behind the scene na kwenye video yenyewe haipo lakini ile ni scene ambayo kwenye video ipo. Kuna watu wanafanya video more than that,” she added.

Speaking on how it affected her relationship, the video vixen said that her boyfriend was okay at first till he was influenced by people.

Actually imeniletea tatizo na mpenzi wangu at some point nikama watu walikuwa wanampressure, familia, marafiki wanamtumia huiyoi video ikamdisturb lakini at first aliiona na hakukuwa na shida yeyote kwa hivyo ile pressure watu walikuwa wanampa ikamletea shida kidogo which alielewa after nimwambie niko kazini na kwamba hiyo scene iko,” the video vixen said.

Nana Dollz said that she is in a private relationship but the boyfriend is not active on social media.

She also added that she is free to do music videos with artists on Tanzania but not that require dancing.