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Nandy buys photographer Brand New Car for Birthday


Tanzanian singer Nandy made her photographer’s birthday special after surprising him with a brand new car.

The songstress made her photographer Alley’s day when she bought him a new Crown Athlete.

Nandy says the car was a reward for the good work he has done for the last three years he has worked for her.

“I’ve worked with Alley for the last three years. In the last three years, there are a lot of things that Alley has done for me. He has been trustworthy and has been there since the beginning of my career. He would photograph me for free at the beginning and now I pay him. He is very respectful and listens to me.” she said

Alley also took to social media to narrate how Nandy had once asked him what car he would one day want to drive but he did not think deep into it.

“Kuna Siku Boss Wangu Aliniuliza Unataka Gari Nikamwambia Lolote Lilipo Ndani Ya Uwezo Mungu Si Athumani Baaaaaaah……Kama Alikuwa Kwenye Mawazo Yang Chuma Crown athlete. Msinishangae Tatizo Ushamba Jamani,” read his post

Nandy joins the likes of Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize who’ve surprised their friends and colleagues with cars.