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NASA supporters’ plan B, C and D to enter Canaan

NASA supporters' plan B, C and D to enter Canaan

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NASA supporters say they have outlined possible solutions for the coalition to realize their Canaan dream this year in case the Supreme option does not work for Raila.

In the text doing round, supporters of the coalition have outlined in detail scenarios that may lead the country back to the general elections or better yet, ensure them a strong win.


To make sure 100 NASA MPS resign which will take the country back to the polls.


The plan B is for Raila is to accept Uhuru’s request to form Government of National Unity. “Jubilee begged Baba today to accept Nusu-mkate, Baba refused. NASA must never take that of bait for a Kibaki-like kind of frustration.”


Another scenario would be that of plan C under which all the NASA principals will need to rally all their MPs to resign (but with assurance of direct nomination) then a general election will be held. This line of action would enable NASA to very easily nullify the IEBC results.


The supporters quote scenarios in the Constitution which states that a national election can be held when;


1.The Parliament term expires


  1. President dies and


  1. More than 100 mps resign at the same time a number which NASA has.


In this case Uhuru will not vie since his term will have expired, this will be the smartest game and an end to the current regime rule.



This is basically what the opposition leader addressed yesterday, the decision to file a case in the supreme court with very compelling evidence gathered so far.




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