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•Kenyans can now get job opportunities abroad through their smartphones

•NEA statistics confirm that 401 employment agencies are running in the country minus a valid licence.

Kenyans can now gain access to job opportunities in foreign countries using smartphones.The National Government has come up with a platform known as Kazi Majuu to aid citizens in seeking opportunities.

On Friday ,Foreign and Diaspora Affairs CS Alfred Mutua pointed out that the platform created has mandate of providing skills assessment to job seekers .This was during the launch of Gava Mkononi, a mobile app version of the e-Citizen.

“We have come up with a platform called Kazi Majuu where Kenyans can go online and look for job opportunities all over the World,” he said.

“We will be posting a lot of opportunities from different countries and Kenyans can go there and find a section to put on their details, it will connect them to agents who are recruiting people from different parts of the World.”

The CS said the platform will help job seekers in finding all the necessary papers needed to relocate to a foreign country for specific purposes.

The Cabinet Secretary said it will also be able to track the payments and the daily life of Kenyans who use the method to relocate abroad.

He said the method will help to cut down unprincipled agents who are not working for the government

“We are forming teams that will go out in different parts of the World to source for job opportunities and upload them for Kenyans to access,” he said.

Kenyans mistreated majuu

Cases of Kenyans mistreated in foreign countries, especially in the Gulf region have been on the rise.
The suffering of Kenyan citizens in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf has been associated with dishonest recruitment agencies that disregard the workers after exporting them.

Central Organisation of Trade Unions came up with that all labour export matters should be handled by the Ministry and state to handle the problem of agencies who are taking laborers to countries that disregard them and subject them to inhuman treatment

The union’s Secretary General Francis Atwoli mentioned that the idea wants to make efforts to look for work opportunities for jobless citizens abroad.

The government statistics shows that as of 2022, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , Qatar and the United Arab Emirates were the three key labour destinations for Kenya’s migrant workers.

According to a report by the Ministry of Labour, called Labour Migration Senate study visit to the Middle East and policy implications not less than 80,000 Kenyan citizens live and work in Saudi Arabia with the majority serving as domestic workers.

“The government comes up with figures of the amount of payments received from these nations but they don’t tell us if it’s worth the demise of some of those workers in their countries ,” Atwoli said.

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