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National Oil Accused Of Holding Compensation It Owes To Victim Of Gas Accident

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On an ordinary day, on18th October 2016 Isaac  Irungu bought a National Oil gas cylinder 12.7 kilogram’s from Buru Buru shopping center.

The gas cylinder did not light up resorting him to use other means of cooking.

Since the gas cylinder did not emit any gas Isaac stroked a match after a few minutes and the whole kitchen exploded.

It was after a few days that it was discovered that the cylinder was not emitting Ethyl Mercaptan, a chemical with a foul smell that notifies someone of leaking gas.

National oil agreed to compensate mr.Isaac but that has never happened and ever since January 31 2017 there has been no communication from their lawyers APA insurance.

Mr. Isaac feels that national oil wants this to be a court case which will drag for years knowing how justice procedures drag on and on.


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