The National Police Service is inviting members of public to participate in the selection process for the proposed Kenya Police Service uniform.

The exercise will run for three days.

”The exercise will be held as scheduled below: August 29, 2023 – Kenya Police Pavilion, South C, Nairobi. Wednesday August 30,2023 – Central Region at Ruring’u Police Training College Thursday August 31, 2023 at National Police College-Main Campus Kiganjo” the tweet read

KOT reacts

Kenyans on twitter have reacted to the move with some proposing that the new uniforms should be ”pocket free” to control bribe collection by some officers

”What’s the point of changing police Uniforms? What impact does it impose to low breakers?” Questioned one Mullah on twitter

”Instead of fighting better for salaries and livelihoods to reduce bribes and corruption you’re out doing nothing at all.What a waste of space” a twitter user left a comment

‘Remove the pockets please” wrote twitter user

If the changes are successfully implemented, the officers will go back to wearing sky blue shirts with navy blue pants as was before.

However, the changes will incorporate a few modifications like the national flag and police service logo on the arms.

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