Global representatives have convened in Kenya to forge a historic agreement against plastic pollution.

In Summary:

• Delegates from 175 countries meet in Kenya to form a treaty on the plastic waste crisis.

• Effects of plastic pollution in the world today.

Delegates from 175 nations have gathered to engage in discussions that could pave the way for the world’s first global treaty aimed at addressing the plastic waste crisis.

Shoreline clogged with plastic waste/Photos Courtesy Getty Images

Last year, the countries agreed to finalise the said global treaty to combat plastics by the end of 2024.

Microplastics have recently been found in blood samples and even breast milk rendering the environmental implications undeniable.

The countries agree on the need to address this crisis but seem to differ on the policies to be put in place.

As many countries and NGOs argue for a complete ban of plastics, some are only willing to settle for policies to recycle and better waste management.

The Aftermath of Plastic Pollution

The environmental impact of plastic waste especially to our oceans and waterways has become unequivocal.

In statistics, humans produce 380 million tons of plastic waste annually. That number is hard to fathom. Though many countries have taken up recycling, most plastic waste today is either buried or burnt. This leaves the direct environment at high risk.

Sea turtle entangled in dumped plastic fishing net/Photo Courtesy

Marine life as we know it, is on the brink of extiction due to entanglement and ingestion of microplastics. This eventually affects the entire ecosystem.

Plastics are made up of oil & gas. Though recycling seems like the most logical solution, it only solves half the problem. These processes include a lot of gaseous output leaving the atmosphere polluted.

One time use platsics dumped/Photo Courtesy

This in turn, affect both the soil and the direct ecosystem.

The Contradiction

Despite the clear implications, many countries like the United States, China and Saudi Arabia are against the compete bam of plastic production.

Tonnes of plastic waste dumped in India/Photo Courtesy

Event though the effects of their plastic waste is felt throughout the globe, theses countries seem reluctant to cut production completely.

However, delegates have high hopes that a neutral treaty will be signed soon to nib this crisis before it’s too late. Rudi Nyumbani.

November 16, 2023

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