In Summary
  • LSK urged President Ruto to recant his statements as he is setting a bad precedent for the rule of law in country
  • Ruto accused the judiciary of corruption and obstructing government projects

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has today declared nationwide protests next week against President William Ruto’s criticism of the Judiciary.

“We’re concerned as LSK that we begin the year with a dark cloud hovering around the justice system following remarks by the President. Those remarks are a threat to the rule of law…we want the President to retract or else they will send very bad signals,” LSK said.

“All advocates will put on yellow ribbons beginning next week to signify their support for the rule of law,”

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Ruto’s Remarks

The President while speaking in Nyandarua yesterday accused the judiciary of corruption and obstructing government projects through cases brought forward by what he termed as corrupt individuals who want to sabotage the projects.

“Ati watu wachache, wawili watatu wameenda kortini, wakahongana kortini mipango hiyo ikasimamishwa…barabara ikasimamishwa, Universal Health Coverage ikasimamishwa, mambo ya housing inasimamishwa…lazima tuulizane, lazima tuwe na mjadala,” The President said.

He vowed to disregard court rulings that he he said were obstructive to projects outlined in the Kenya Kwanza manifesto, the platform on which he was elected.

In November last year, the high court halted the implementation of the Social Health Insurance Fund SHIF until the case is heard.

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In response to President Ruto’s comments, LSK held a press briefing today, denouncing his statements and accusing him of unfairly linking the courts to cartels.

“We remind the President that the same courts upheld his own election based on impartiality and at one time nullified another. The President should refrain from undermining the Judiciary,”

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